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Our soaps are generally made using our traditional recipe, which consists of Coconut Oil, Lard, Ricebran Oil and Castor Oil. We have not been using Palm due to the current environmental issues. Our soaps are soft and silky, with a creamy and bubbly lather. They are colored with pigments, micas and spices. We do use fragrance oils, which are synthetic in most of our soaps, but they are all skin-safe and smell lovely. Also, we do not over fragrance, so they are not over-powering. Most bars are 4.5-5.5 ounces each and are usually between $5.00 and $6.00 per bar, give or take, depending on the type and the ingredients.

Our candles are made using a para-soy blend, which is creamy, long-burning and holds fragrance very well. Prices are reasonable - about the same as other hand-poured candles!

Our craft items are all made by hand, using high-quality materials. We price our crafts based on the cost of materials, the amount of time needed to create the item, and still keep pricing within the range of other crafters selling similar items.
We are not here to get rich, so we aren't out to squeeze you for every penny we can get for each item. We use all of our products, and love them. We know you will, also. And we want you to be able to enjoy them at affordable prices.

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