We're passionate about art. 

Not only do we offer fine art we also have handcrafted and homemade gifts, home décor and more. When possible we try to reuse, re-purpose, and recycle items to make new unique décor for your home. Check our site for fabulous finds, home accessories, designer, vintage and original works by local Artisans, we have reused as well as new valuables that rotate on a regular basis.  Please come in and look around, stay as long as you like.  Remember to check back often as this site is forever changing new products are added often. This is the place to find that unique treasure you have been looking for. We offer a wide verity of items such as unique, wood, craft, bears, Harley Davidson gifts, quality animals, exquisite Christmas items, scroll saw and fret work, elegant intarsia art, birthday presents, jewelry boxes, hand crafted and home made clocks, magnificent artist projects, made in America, ornate features, many items made with exotic woods, various colors and species of hard wood. We make and paint things such as whitetail deer, bear, motorcycles, hummingbirds, fairies, angles, crosses, dog beds, puppy pictures, ink pens, wall hanging, art for every occasion. Cats, tiger, leopards, dragons, rosters, and even frogs are known to hang out here right next to our Christmas Ornaments. Did I forget to mention we also have nick knacks and what knots.